Creating a Nice Flyer Using Photoshop

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In this article you are going to learn simple ways on how to create a good looking flyer using Photoshop. This is aimed at users who are beginners with Photoshop or do not have any experience with designing software but has their idea on how the flyer should look like. Some designers prefer to draw on a sketchpad a rough design on how their flyer is going to look like while most of the time users find inspiration by going through different poster designs made with Photoshop in the internet.

If you are an observant watcher, you will notice that there are a lot of cool posters that can also be made as flyers. This is also another way of practicing your designing skills with Photoshop if you want to learn more.

Resources are what you are going to need with creating a nice flyer using Photoshop. You can gather custom brushes from the internet or photos that are shared freely. The sources you can get most are from deviantart for custom brushes while Flickr or stock.xchng. Remember to give credit or ask permission from the author of the sources you have taken from. The images below are taken from stock.xchng by Angus Wurth and Josiah Norton respectively.

  1. First step is to create a new document by following the settings below.
  2. Then combine both images in one canvas.

Make sure that the orientation is portrait or height is higher enough than the width. Bring the first image below the canvas while the second image above the canvas using the Move tool or hit the V key. To get rid of the white areas, tap the C for the Crop Tool and move the lining to the edges of the image:

Create a new layer between the two layers and fill it with color by using the color on the second image. Grab the eyedropper tool, click on the upper left corner and fill the layer with it. Reduce the opacity to 85%. This is what you will get:

Next is to add some texts. You can add more effects if you want but if your images are similar to those above, you should avoid putting too much design or it will overwhelm the text, making it unreadable. Emphasize the title of the flyer by using the marquee tool. Create a new layer and make a rectangular shape using the marquee tool. Fill in the same color. Adjust the shape of the rectangle by using the transform tool or hit Ctrl + T on the layer you want to resize. You will get something similar below.

  • Marquee over the upper image.
  • Important texts for flyers.

Add more text below with something that goes with the theme of your flyer. In flyers where you hand out events or post them, something similar can be like this:

You should also keep note that if you wish to print your work; you must set your canvas resolution to 200 pixels per inch and above to keep the printing fine and crisp. You do not want the quality of your printing to be bad. Images for the web are created differently from images for printing. To set the resolution, all you need is to change the resolution when you create a new file. The images or photos that you are going to use should be high in resolution too.

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